Registration Procedures

To become students, applicants whose applications are accepted with the decision of the Executive Board of the Graduate School, are obliged to register with the following documents within the specified registration period.

  1. Filled official registration forms
  2. Diploma (original)
  3. Transcript(original)
  4. 6 photos
  5. A copy of passport
  6. Receipt of tuition fee payment.
  7. Valid Education Visa (It is not compulsory for those already holding a residence permit for educational purposes.)
  8. Copy of “Residence Permit” (will be taken from İzmir Security Department) after completing the final registration.
  9. Foreign citizens should get a temporary Turkish Republic (T.C.) identity number from İzmir Security Department and submit it immediately to the Student Affairs Office after completion of final registration.
  10. The students whocompleted the registration process are conditionally accepted to the graduate programs, until YÖK (Board of Higher Education) proves that your diploma is valid in Turkey as indicated under the headline of “Required Documents” in article 2 above.

Other Explanations

  1. All the procedures related to the registration have to be completed personally. Registration by post is not accepted.
  2. Registration can only be done if all the required documents are submitted.
  3. Students can pay their tuition fees to the nearest İş Bankası branch by their student number.
  4. Applicants should finalize their registration procedure on the days specifically defined, otherwise they lose their rights.

English Preparation education is obligatory at the graduate programs of the Graduate School. If the applicant has an undergraduate degree from English programs and/or has the specified level at the below indicated equivalent exams; he/she may be exempted from the English Preparation education if he/she provideshis/her scoreto the Directorate of Dokuz Eylul University School of Foreign Languages a week before the subjected exams.

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