About Institute

The Graduate School of Natural And Applied Sciences was established affiliated with Dokuz Eylül University on 22 July 1982. It was carried out postgraduate education in departments of Faculties of Science, Engineering, Architecture and also the Institute of Marine Science and Technology.

 Our institute aims at organizing graduate education (MSc and PhD) in the fields of natural sciences and engineering sciences, direct the graduate studies and projects by following the scientific and technological advances, and direct the students to advanced investigations in current issues. Today, the Graduate School is carrying out postgraduate education activities in 31 major departments which are based in the faculties of Architecture, Engineering and Science. Currently a total of 4694 students are enrolled by the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Science, 3764 of them studying for MSc degree and 930 of them for PhD degree.

 Our graduates are being taught by distinguished academicians and the majority are now employed both in government offices and private sector. We are proud of the success they have already achieved and are continuing to achieve.

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